How does the invisible become visible? Let us take a closer look at the unknown composition of particles in the air, that constantly accompanies us. If we decode and understand this composition and unlock its secrets, we can start working on a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future. With our technologies we contribute to this task, for example with products for aerosol air measurement in real time from GRIMM Aerosol, a member of the DURAG GROUP. These technical solutions feature a precisely controlled laser light which makes the smallest airborne particles visible and determines their number and size.

Our low-maintenance spectrometers are even able to identify particles from 35 μm
down to 1 nm with additional modules. All measured particles are separated on a filter, resulting in particle-free air. This is returned to the optics through an innovative purge air circuit that protects the system from particle residue. The result is accurate light measurement with least influence of other factors.

Learn more about our high-end technology in the video.



The Nano product line offers a variety of highest precision instrument as portable, stationary, and even outdoor systems. All our counters can be expanded to sizers. Set as standards in labs worldwide, researchers trust in GRIMM products.


Healthy workplaces and living areas are most important for your personal life. With the GRIMM IAQ line, you can detect and decode the airborne dust and measure the effect of actions taken against it. Our spectrometers are also capable of determining production line efficiencies and detect particle emission in order to know when employee protection is necessary.


Federal measurement networks all over the world trust in the first approved optically measuring PM monitor ever. Next to this instrument, the EDM180, we offer compact and mobile solutions, to get the same quality in operation wherever you need it – even in the remotest areas.


Ultimately precise mercury analyzers for detecting mercury vapor in the gas & oil industry, at landfills, dentists and more – with this handheld instrument line you detect hazardous material within seconds and can start taking measures against it.


We are proud to support our customers with highest pecision instruments, superior technology, and trained staff as their personal backup. With most diverse customer applications we assist clients in their everydays R&D work, assessment of the air quality in governmental network applications, real-time automotive studies and many more, you name it.

Here we proudly share with you some application stories with and from our customers to give you an insight of the fascinating work we are carrying out with our customers.


How do we do it?

What is the behind our technology and how do we tell you the mass of an object just by looking at it?

First, we need to distinguish our precise detection methods by the size of particles you want to measure. Is it either the larger particles you are interested in, meaning about 200 nanometers up to 35 microns, or is it the “sub-micron” range, the ultrafine particles below 100 nanometers down to less than 1 nanometer?


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