Portable Environmental Dust
Monitor 107

for real time EPA PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

Instant Field Monitoring with our portable dust monitor, using the same calibration and analysis technology as previously outlined for the ENVIROcheck.

Ideal for quick spot checks such as screening, measuring or even personal dust monitoring in public places, all made possible with a system that is as accurate as the EPA method requires.

Risk management with additional attached climatic sensors such as wind speed, temperature and/or humidity and gives instant readings and gives the user a  better understanding and analysis of possible associated dust hazards.

Filter Efficiency: Filter analysis in accordance to the PM method giving instant level determinations right on location.

Battery Operated: This unit measures continuously up to seven hours, stores the obtained results on a  removable data storage card and even collects the measured dust samples on a removable 47mm PTFE (PM2.5) type filter.

Weight: The complete system (including battery) weighs only 5 pounds.

Versatility: This unit can be fitted into the all-weather housing model (Model 1.165), transforming it into an complete ENVIROcheck system.

Instrument and accessories such as battery charger, sampling head, PC-cable, data card and software are all shown in the carrying case below.

Portable Diesel Soot
Count and Mass Monitors

Two Nano Particle Sizer in g/m3 and Micrometer

The photo above shows the white emissions monitor model 309 and the ultra fine environmental monitor (SMPS +C) connected to the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine (the heated sampling version is not shown).

Field Monitoring of New Diesel Engines: Emission readings have never been so quick and easy. The 309 Diesel dust spectrometer, with an isokinetic sampler, enables you to measure every second and the particle size distribution in 12 size channels from 250 to 2,000 nm. (The model shown above is portable and battery operated).

5.403 SMPS +C: The Sequential Mobility Particle Sizer and Counter consists of our medium-length electrostatic classifier and the ultra fine particle counter. This makes it possible to measure sequentially the size distribution from 10 to 340 nm in as many as 250 different size channels.

To simplify field monitoring all results are stored on a removable data storage card or can be transferred directly via modem assuring constant data access.

Our high performance PC software expresses in time intervals of one second the results obtained numerically and graphically as well as those results obtained with up to three additional attached gas or climatic sensors.

End Result data obtained from our wide SMPS +C is shown in the diagram below. This was a scan of 128 different size channels in the size range listed below.